BHN Connects is an integrated, intensive care management program designed to provide supports to Mass Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP) members of all ages. BHN works collaboratively with individuals with complex medical and mental health concerns needing high levels of care. BHN Connects Care Management Teams include individuals served and family members; nurse care manager; Master’s-level behavioral health clinician; Care Coordinator; and Primary Care Providers.

Consider BHN Connects Referrals for Your Patients

BHN Connects offers a unique level of care to members and providers to support the overall well-being of individuals who have historically been high utilizers of services with minimal change in the complexity of their needs. The goal is to improve their health status as evidenced by reduction in use of psychiatric medications and preventable hospitalizations. The overarching goal is an increase in member satisfaction and engagement in individualized care as well as self-reported quality of life improvements.

Eligibility and Locations

  • Mass Behavioral Health Partnership Members
  • All ages

Contact Us: (413) 272-0715

BHN Connects
417 Liberty Street
Springfield, MA
Services are offered in English and Spanish. Interpreter services can be arranged for other languages.
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BHN Connects Member Information

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