Depression, anxiety, anger and overwhelming stress are among the challenges many people have in common. BHN supports individuals to adopt new tools and strategies to manage:

  • Substance use and alcohol issues
  • Anger, anxiety and depression
  • Attention and concentration problems
  • Difficulty coping; strained relationships and stress
  • Challenges to functioning at work or school
  • Negative emotional responses and traumatic upset

Therapeutic Interventions Vary by Individual Needs

Brief intervention treatment helps identify solutions for recovery from a specific life event or difficulty. Treatment usually lasts 1-4 sessions.

Short-term help usually lasts about 5-10 sessions and helps with stress and coping that the individual can use in their life.

Intermediate intervention, which may last up to a year, may be in order when complex issues arise or more serious problems need time to stabilize the person or family.

Longer-term intervention is generally for people with severe or persistent emotional or substance use difficulties who need extra support and assistance or help maintaining good quality of life.

BHN therapy and counseling services are offered at 11 licensed sites in Springfield, Agawam, Westfield, Ware and Holyoke.


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