Living with Others in Early Recovery
My Sister’s House, Cole’s Place, and Opportunity House are BHN Residential Recovery Homes for individuals in the process of recovering from addiction or substance use. They are supportive places to live where strengths are supported by peers and staff and individuals are given new tools for living clean or sober.

Who will I meet in a Recovery Home? The people in Recovery Homes have similar experiences, troubles, hopes and fears. They are people on a similar journey.

What will my program look like? BHN staff work with individuals to establish goals based on needs and desires. Groups include 12-step based programs, gender-specific groups, relapse prevention, recovery planning, and spirituality. Life skill groups help individuals search for available housing, offer support in applying for subsidies, and teach skills needed when applying for jobs. BHN promotes peer-led discussion groups which build a sense of community, independence, and support.

What about the important people in my life? Family, significant others, and sponsors are a vital part of recovery. Each individual is encouraged to invite these people into their recovery process.

What happens when I leave? BHN Recovery Homes each have an alumni group for those who have discharged from the programs. These groups provide a peer-led forum for recovery discussion and support.

Services For Women

My Sister’s House is a 27-bed women’s Residential Recovery Home providing services to women ages 18 and older who suffer from substance addiction issues. Priority placement is offered to pregnant and postpartum women parenting babies. Babies up to 6 months old may stay with mothers at the program.

Services For Men

BHN offers two Residential Recovery Homes for men in Springfield.

Cole’s Place is a 40-bed men’s Residential Recovery Home providing services to men ages 18 and older who have substance use and addiction issues.

Cole’s Place is listed as a Section 35 Priority Residential Treatment Center, meaning that individuals may be court ordered to substance use treatment under Massachusetts State Law. They are given high priority when being referred to this treatment program.

Opportunity House is a 38-bed Men’s Residential Recovery Home providing services to men who have substance use and addiction issues.

Contact Us

To make a referral for SUD Residential Services, please call (413) 733-1423 or submit a referral form here {embed referral form and fax number (413) 732-1605}

Services are offered in English and Spanish. Interpreter services can be arranged for other languages.

What will this cost? Contact us to explore payment/coverage options.

BHN Residential Recovery Homes are funded by the MA Department of Public Health, Bureau of Substance Abuse Services.