Life-Saving Services for Addiction
If you have tried to stop drinking, using opiates or heroin, or other addictive drugs and have found it too hard to do on your own, call BHN. We will:

  • Help you work through the detoxification process
  • Provide 24-hour nursing care and monitoring
  • Provide medications to ease physical symptoms
  • Transition you back to physical health

Counselors offer supports to help you through the next steps in your early recovery.

Helping People Stop Drug or Alcohol Use Via Medication and Support
Acute Treatment Services are medically-monitored services for detoxification from drugs and alcohol. Individuals can stay up to 7-9 days. Services are available 24 hours per day. We also treat dually-diagnosed clients with both mental health and substance use disorders through our Enhanced Acute Treatment Program.

Eligibility and Locations

  • Adults 18 years and older
  • Males and females
  • Priority populations include HIV/AIDS, pregnant or postpartum women, dual diagnosis

Carlson Recovery Center, 471 Chestnut Street, Springfield MA 01107

Franklin Recovery Center, 298 Federal Street, Greenfield, MA

Services are offered in English and Spanish. Interpreter services can be arranged for other languages.

What will this cost? Contact us to explore payment/coverage options.
Central Intake: (413) 737-2439

Contact Us
To make a referral for Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Residential Services, please call (413) 733-1423 or submit a referral form here {embed referral form and fax number (413) 732-1605}

Other useful information
Alcoholics Anonymous,
Narcotics Anonymous,!contact/c1gzt
Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month at 6:00pm at Bethesda Lutheran Church, 455 Island Pond Road, Springfield.
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