BHN offers treatment services to medically and psychologically stabilize an individual through the challenging process of early recovery from addiction to opioid/non-opioid substances, alcohol or gambling.

As individuals transition into long-term recovery, BHN offers ongoing, longer term outpatient services and Residential Recovery Homes for individuals continuing with substance use or gambling-related issues.

What Level of Care Do I Need?

Step 1: Acute Treatment Services (Detox)-Are you likely to experience physical withdrawal from stopping use? You might need this step.
Step 2: Option One: Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS)-Are you dependent but not in active withdrawal?
Step 2: Option Two: Intensive Outpatient Services-Do you prefer recovery support outside of a residential setting?
Step 3: Residential Services-Do you need to live in a recovery supportive home while you adjust to living a substance-free lifestyle?

Who Can I Call for Help?
BHN Central Intake: (413) 737-2439


Signs and Symptoms

Medication-Assisted Treatment