Therapeutic Mentoring Program

Therapeutic Mentoring

Therapeutic Mentoring is an intervention model that allows a Mentor to spend time 1:1 with a child or youth working on achieving specific goals.  Therapeutic Mentoring is a time-limited and targeted service intended to support other services that are already in place.  The purpose of the Mentor’s interaction with the youth is to strengthen the youth’s functioning in areas of need, by teaching, role-playing, discussing, observing, coaching, providing “anticipatory guidance”.

Who is eligible for Therapeutic Mentoring?

  • Children and youth who are enrolled in MassHealth Standard and CommonHealth benefit plans
  • Children in Family Assistance, Basic, or Essential MassHealth are not eligible for this service.  Children and youth with only private insurance plans are not eligible for the service.
  • The youth must be receiving one of the three designated “clinical hub” services to be eligible for Therapeutic Mentoring.  These are:  Intensive Care Coordination (ICC), In-Home Therapy, and/or Outpatient Therapy.

Who can refer a child for Therapeutic Mentoring?

A Care Coordinator, In-Home Therapist, or Outpatient Therapist may make a referral for Therapeutic Mentoring services. The ICP or Treatment Plan must specify Therapeutic Mentoring as the service that will be responsible for working on a designated goal or objective for the child or youth.  This goal needs to be specific, and the family and youth must already have agreed that this is an area they would like to address.


Therapeutic Mentoring Program

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