Professional Development

Behavioral Health Network’s Department of Professional Development:

The Department of Professional Development provides quality training and development opportunities, reflective of best practices, both internally and to the community.  Opportunities for growth and development are made available through Trainings offered by the department and through the department’s Centralized Internship Program. The department is committed to providing informed education and best practice provision, as an asset in staff training and development.  A unique facet of the Department of Professional Development is the distinct opportunity for advancement to approved staff of Behavioral Health Network, granting the opportunity to be accepted to the Registry of Professional Educators, a listing comprised of approved trainers and the training and development opportunities they can provide, both to staff of Behavioral Health Network and to the community. 

For upcoming training, development and internship opportunities within Behavioral Health Network, please click on one of the following links:

Trainings, Centralized Internship Program or Calendar of Events.