Department of Professional Development’s Centralized Internship Program:

Behavioral Health Network has a well established, collaborative partnership with area colleges and universities to provide a diverse internship experience at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels.  As Behavioral Health Network offers an array of services, each designed to meet the ever expanding and changing needs of the community, there are a myriad of learning opportunities available. Each experience is enhanced by, and reflective of, the current trends and practices in behavioral health care. The mission of the Department of Professional Development’s Centralized Internship Program is to provide connections between Behavioral Health Network Programs and potential candidates for internship, facilitate learning about Behavioral Health Network and the many programs that exist, to assure interns become oriented to a designated program and assurance of a quality learning experience during their internship

Internship opportunities throughout Behavioral Health Network include options for both traditional and non-traditional hours to meet the needs of the student. Experiences include placements in settings both-agency based and working with individuals and families in the community. As Behavioral Health Network is a comprehensive network of services, the intern is provided the opportunity to specialize in designated populations encountering unique needs. Field education affords the intern vast skill development, the opportunity to apply theory to practice.

Multicultural Psychology Internship Program