In-Home Therapy

In-Home Therapy (IHT)

In-Home Therapy is a service delivered by a team consisting of a qualified clinician and a qualified paraprofessional.  IHT services are provided 365/24/7 in any setting where the youth is naturally located, including, but not limited to, the home, a foster home, school, child care settings, and other community settings. Services are intensive and flexible to meet the needs of the families.


  • Develop a consistent, strength based therapeutic relationship with the youth and family to help treat the youth’s behavioral health needs
  • Improve the family’s ability to provide effective support for the youth to promote his/her healthy  functioning within the family
  • Enhance the family’s capacity to improve the youth’s functioning in the home and community
  • Reduce or prevent the need for the youth’s admission to an inpatient hospital, residential treatment facility or other treatment setting.

IHT Service Elements

  • Home-based assessment inclusive of CANS
  • Strengths and Needs Identification
  • Risk/Management Safety Plan
  • Youth & Family-centered Individualized Action Plan
  • Stabilization
  • 24-hour availability
  • Behavior Management
  • Family Therapy
  • Parent Skills Training/Conflict Resolution
  • Coordination of services
  • Development of natural supports

To Be Eligible for IHT:

In-Home Therapy provides intensive therapy and support services for a child and family to treat the child’s behavioral-health needs and help the family support the child in the home.  Available to MassHealth youth, under the age of 21, enrolled in any MassHealth coverage type, except Limited who meet the medical necessity criteria for this service.

In-Home Therapy Program

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