In Home Behavioral Services

In-Home Behavioral Services

In-Home Behavioral Services is an intensive service intended to address behavioral challenges which have not been successfully addressed by other service modalities, and which are interfering with a youth’s ability to function successfully in the home and/or in other community settings.  In-Home Behavioral Services may be a key element in improving a youth and family’s quality of life. 

Who is eligible for In-Home Behavioral Services?

  • Children and youth who are enrolled in MassHealth Standard and CommonHealth benefit plans.
  • The youth must be receiving one of the three designated “clinical hub” services to be eligible for In-Home Behavioral Services.  These are:  Intensive Care Coordination (ICC), In-Home Therapy (IHT), and/or Outpatient Therapy. 
  • Children in Family Assistance, Basic, or Essential MassHealth are not eligible for this service.  Children and youth with only private insurance plans are not eligible for the service.

Who can refer a child for In-Home Behavioral Services?

Referrals to In-Home Behavioral Services must come from the highest level of care coordination involved with the youth and family, whether ICC, IHT, or outpatient therapy.  The family and youth must agree that this is a service they would like to work with in order to achieve a chosen goal.  Parents or caregivers must understand that the In-Home Behavioral Services provider will be coming into their home and in some cases might make recommendations about changing some things in the environment, or may recommend change in the way they respond to their child’s challenging behaviors.  Referring clinicians need to be sure that parents/caregivers are willing to engage in discussion about making these types of changes.


In-Home Behavioral Services

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