Family Support & Training

BHN Family Support and Training

The persons delivering this service are known as family partners.  A family partner has experience as a caregiver of a youth with special needs.  The family partner works closely with the care coordinator (for youth in ICC) to help the parent(s) or caregiver(s) of the youth by:

  • Teaching the parent/caregiver how to navigate the child-serving systems
  • Identifying available services and supports in the community
  • Developing connections with self-help or support groups
  • Supporting and coaching the parent/caregiver in reaching goals identified on the ICP


To make a referral, please contact:

Linda Roy, Director, Family Support & Training

Someone should return your call within 24 hours to schedule a face to face interview.




Family Support and Training

Child Guidance Clinic

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Phone: 413-737-0960

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