Community Support Program

Community Support Program (CSP)

A short-term outreach program that is a hospital diversion. The program aids consumers in getting needed services in place, e.g. outpatient treatment, improving ADLS, support during difficult times, maintaining housing and numerous other goals that are individualized to the consumer. Payors for this program are MBHP and BMC.

Referrals are open to those that meet criteria and are insured by the appropriate payor source. There are forms that need to be sent to the Payor source and may be obtained through the outreach supervisor at (413) 781-5297.

  • Intensive outreach
  • Evaluation
  • Case Coordination

Funding : Some health insurances, Medicaid, and DMH

The Clinic is open Monday through Thursday, 8AM-8 PM and Fridays, 8 AM-5 PM.

Child Guidance Clinic
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